MAPS4 Vote

MAPS4 Vote

Tuesday, December 10, 2019 - 7:00am to 7:00pm

Oklahoma City Residents will be voting on MAPS 4 on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. The LWVOKC hosted an informational session with Commissioner Carrie Blumert and Dr. Ed Shadid on November 19, 2019. Below are the talking points from the invited guests.

These talking points were provided by the guests and have been posted here un-edited. The views expressed are the views of the submitting guest and do not necessarily reflects the views of The League of Women Voters. These points are provided in an informational capacity only, and LWVOKC does not take a position on MAPS4. LWVOKC does encourage every eligible voter to vote in the December 10, 2019 election.

Talking points submitted by Commissioner Carrie Blumert:


  • MAPS is successful because decisions are made by citizens – a majority of the MAPS process is determined by members of Citizen Advisory Boards.  Once the Council votes on the MAPS resolution (August 2019) and it passes the voters (December 2019), the Citizen Advisory Boards now make the decisions on projects (2020 – 2029).  In the history of MAPS, 75 citizens have served on the advisory boards so far.  Members of the MAPS 4 Citizen Advisory Boards will be appointed in 2020 by the Mayor and Council.
  •  MAPS does not give ‘handouts’ to business owners and billionaires.  All MAPS funded improvements on current properties and buildings are owned by the City of Oklahoma City including the Chesapeake arena, the Thunder practice facility, parks, etc.  All new properties acquired and built for MAPS will continue to be owned by the City of Oklahoma City and then leased out to operators.
  •  Mayor Holt and Mayor Cornett are not “corrupt” and to blatantly say so to a public group of voters is insulting to the voters who chose them.  As a Democrat, I support both of these men as Mayors of our City.  This has nothing to do with MAPS and I’m confused as to why this was brought up. 
  •  MAPS 4 is supported by an extremely diverse group of citizens, community leaders, labor unions, businesses, faith leaders, and non-profits including the Fraternal Order of Police and the International Association of Firefighters local 157 chapter.

Talking points submitted by Dr. Ed Shadid:

Dr. Shadid has not yet responded to our request for talking points. This page will be updated with those points when they are received from Dr. Shadid.