SHE IS ME: LWV's 100 Year Anniversary Campaign

SHE IS ME: LWV's 100 Year Anniversary Campaign

She is Me campaign pic

by Rhonday McLean, LWVOKC Secretary

On August 15, 2019, LWVUS released their digital "She Is Me" campaign. The campaign is part of the celebration of the LWV's 100th year. The goal of the campaign is to introduce LWV to new audiences and will run through the 2020 election.

The She Is Me campaign focuses on stories of everyday people and why the LWV is important to them. These stories can be found at The She Is Me campaign is not only to celebrate success but to engage the public in the LWV and its mission. The goal is that when someone watches or reads these stories they will recognize something in themselves and be inspired to support the LWV and its mission. 

State and local groups are encouraged to participate by including stories, either written or video, of their members and why they volunteer their time with the LWV and include the hashtags #SheIsMeLWV, #LWV100, and #votingrights. LWVUS has made available a toolkit that includes sample posts, graphics, and guidelines. The toolkit can be found at or by search "she is me" from the LWV League Management Website. A recorded webinar discussing the She Is ME campaign is also available through the toolkit site.

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