Why Vote? Because Your Voice Counts!

Why Vote? Because Your Voice Counts!

why vote presentation LWVofFC

The League of Women Voters of Frederick County assembled this presentation in winter 2020 with the intent to speak to numerous community groups throughout the period prior to the 2020 Primary to demonstrate the importance of primary voting and the many options (in person on Election Day, early voting and absentee voting).

Unfortunately the COVID-19 Emergency cancelled many of these presentations but we have put together both a video of members Jim Filson and Mary Beth Coker giving the presentation, as well as a download of the presentation itself for your education.

Note that Maryland's Primary has been rescheduled for June 2 2020 so there is plenty of time to view and share!


Our thanks to the Why We Vote committee that assembled this presentation: Carole Sepe; Jim Filson; Rosemary Orthmann and Mary Beth Coker. Our thanks to member Vicki Anzmann who prepared the video version!