Volunteering Opportunities for Members

Volunteering Opportunities for Members

Become a Voter Registrar

One of the primary reasons people are interested in joining the League of Women Voters is to help activate their communities to take part in democracy. The most basic right we have is the right to vote, and the League wants to be sure we do all we can to support active voter participation.

Many of our members are certified as voter registrars. If you would like to become a voter registrar, contact voterservice [at] wheatonlwvil.org

Community Volunteer Opportunities:
When we have opportunities to volunteer to register voters, answer questions about voting, and tell people about the League of Women Voters, those events will be listed here. 

  • No events scheduled currently.

Committee Volunteer Opportunities:
We welcome interested members to join a committee at any time. If you wish to join a committee or have questions, please send an email to info [at] wheatonlwvil.org.

  • Audit Committee - Nancy Wilen, Chair. 
    Participate in completing an audit of Wheaton League finances including a review of bank statements, Pay Pal records, bills, receipts requesting payment, deposit slips and bookkeeping report. Meets in July.

  • Book Club - Diane Knable, Chair. 

    Open to all members.
    Meetings: 2nd Tuesdays, 7-9 PM, odd numbered months: July, September, November, January, March, and May.
    Reading preferences: We read any books that we feel will open our minds and generate discussion. The books do not have to relate to the mission or actions of LWV. They can be fiction or non-fiction. The person nominating a book must have read it and will be the discussion leader, if the book is chosen for the club.

  • Budget - Nancy Wilen, Chair. 
    People with a good eye for finances are needed to help create the League’s annual budget. This committee typically works in the spring. This short-term commitment makes a big impact on the League’s operations.

  • Bylaws - Missey Wilhelm, Chair.
    Review current bylaws and present changes they deem advisable to the Wheaton Board. Review compliance of proposed bylaws with state and national bylaws. Keep current on National and State bylaws and make changes as necessary.

  • Communications - Mary Pritchard, Chair.
    The Communications Committee spreads the word about the Wheaton League news and events, both to members and the public. Committee members assist with social media posts, website updates, email communications, monthly calendar and Monthly Newsletter, the Voter. If you like to tweet, post, write or take pictures, this could be the group for you.

  • Fundraising - Mary Pritchard, Chair.
    The committee plans and implements specific fundraising events and activities including soliciting support from interested community members and community businesses and companies.

  • Issues Committees
    • Consolidation of Governments 
      The committee follows events, both state and local that involve consolidation of government units.
    • Economic Development - Jan Kay, Chair.
      The committee follows economic development plans and implementation in the five municipalities that the Wheaton league covers.
    • Education - Maria Owens, Chair.
      The committee follows events, both state and local, that impact schools and school funding in the Wheaton League geographic area.
    • Environment - Catherine Franczyk, Chair.
      The Environmental Issues Committee learns and educates about how to protect the environment. It advocates for protection and preservation of natural resources including land, water, and air.
    • Housing - Jan Kay, Chair.
      The Housing committee monitors and advocates for housing units and housing assistance for low and moderate income families, senior citizens, and the disabled.

  • Membership - Claudia Dunn, Chair.
    The Membership Committee works to attract new members and keep existing members engaged in League activities. Welcomes new members via phone calls or email. The Membership Committee also plans periodic social events, so members can meet and mingle.

  • Nominating Committee - Barb Kilton, Chair.
    Recruits and nominates officers and board members.

  • Observer Corps
    Members volunteer to attend or watch a governmental unit meeting; e.g., city council, school board, and county boards meetings and share what they observed in a written report.
    Monitoring local government meetings is a long-established practice of the League of Women Voters. It is one approach to help inform citizens about current issues and their governments. There will be a training in the next few months.
    • College of DuPage - Di Niesman
    • DuPage County Board
    • DuPage Environment Committee - Catherine Franczyk
    • Forest Preserve District - Connie Schmidt

  • Program – Civic Awareness Series - Barb Laimins, Chair
    Work on planning programs, contacting speakers, coordinating presentation and venue, maintaining attendance lists, set up, refreshments, etc.

  • Special Events - Jane Hodgkinson, Chair.
    Plan and develop events with other community agencies focusing on shared issues, concerns and programs. Coordinate League input, volunteers and publicity.

  • Voter Service
    This committee prepares voters for General Elections and the Municipal Elections. It guides members to become Deputy Voter Registrars; holds voter registration events; and provides regular education on voting, the candidates, and the issues. Get involved with planning and participating in voter registration drives and candidate forums. Coordinates Mock elections with local high schools.
    • Candidate Forums/Meet and Greets - Mike Barbier, Chair
    • Get Out the Vote (GOTV) - Liz Albert, Chair
    • Mock Elections - Barb Laimins, Chair
    • Voter Registration - Melissa Nachman, Chair