Marget Hamilton Award

Marget Hamilton Award

The Award

The League of Women Voters of Wheaton established its SERVICE TO THE WHEATON LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS AWARD. The name of the award is the MARGET HAMILTON AWARD in honor of the founder of the Wheaton League Unit in 1955.

The award is not an annual award as such, but is given in a year of some particular reason to honor a long term/time member who has contributed in ways outside of direct leadership or honoring the work of a member who personifies the original purposes of the League of Women Voters organization. The award might be looked on as honoring icons of the league.

Marget Hamilton has had a very long and distinguished career in public service on many levels and served as the first woman Mayor of Wheaton. After moving to this area in the early `50s, she discovered there was no League here in Wheaton and soon after joining the Glen Ellyn League with her mother-in-law, Nell, she embarked on the procedural work to establish the Wheaton League of Women Voters. Margy embodies every part of what the League is all about and we are pleased to name this award in her honor.

The Winners

  • 2008 - Betty Hamilton
  • 2009 - Helen White
  • 2011 - Ruth Riha
  • 2015 - Barb Pape and Betty Bradshaw
  • 2016 - Jan Kay