The DuPage County Election Division provides the most information about the upcoming elections and candidates running for office, voting by mail, early voting and other ways to vote. Voters do not have to prove they will be out of town to vote by mail.

During the pandemic, all voters are encouraged to Vote by Mail. All registered voters in DuPage County should be receiving an application to vote by mail that must be returned to the Election Division.  Voters can also fill out the online application to Vote by mail. Fill in the last four digits of your social security number or your full driver's license number to access the application.  If you registered to vote before that data was collected, you will need to call the Election Division at 630-407-5600 to update your registration.  Because Voting by Mail is so important we have provided a separate item in the menu on the left that we call Vote from Home. 

Check out the:

Because so many of the ballots will be Vote by Mail ballots this November 2020 election, the winners of the election may not be known the night of the election.  These votes are counted after the polls close and take time to count. This is not a cause for alarm. 

Become informed about candidates and referenda.

Explore your ballot and make informed choices using the IllinoisVoterGuide and VOTE411.com. Watch videos from the candidates for the Nov. 2020 election in the Video Voter Guide.
Read about the DuPage County Propositions on the ballot.

We have two formats for meeting the candidates:

  • Candidate Forums
  • Meet and Greet

In forums, candidates give short opening statements, answer questions submitted by the audience and a moderator and end with closing statements. There are limitations on candidates when their opponent does not accept an invitation.

Meet and Greets are more informal and allow you to talk one-on-one with the candidates.  All candidates are invited and can come whether or not their opponents accept.

Check the calendar for the Candidate Forums and Meet and Greets.